Products and services

Ascentool founder developed the top market share PVD and PECVD equipment in the industry. Ascentool developed many "best against nature" IP to reach near 100% material utilization at small fraction of capital cost. We have been selling equipment and production lines by proposing the best custom solutions with low cost, few design mistakes, and short delivery time since 2005. 

We can typically propose better solutions and sometimes perfect solution based on customer needs, due to our extensive engineering skills and industrial experience. Our flexible business model can leads to win-win co-operation.

We have developed and sold circular magnetron sources with flat erosion and highest target utilization possible and excellent uniformity, rectangular planar sources with high target utilization, and closed loop target with near 100% target utilization.   

We have developed and sold horizontal in-line equipment and solar panel production line, vertical in-line deposition equipment, batch tool and R&D tools.

We have worked on customer devices and process development including semiconductor devices, VLSI integration, solar PV devices, Non-volatile memory, Li-ion batteries and medical devices.

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